Group Flying Session

Groups Size 6 - 20 persons

Pre-Group Booking 


  • Initial consultation to understand the group's preferences, location preferences, and any specific requests.


  • Customization of flying dresses to complement the group's style and theme.

Logistics Planning:

  • Coordination with the group for logistics, including preferred location, date, and time.

On the Day of the Event:

  • Photo Stations Setup:
    • Multiple photo stations strategically set up to accommodate simultaneous shooting of multiple individuals within the group.
    • Diverse backgrounds and scenic spots for varied group and individual shots.
  • Staffing
    • Event Manager: Overseeing the entire operation, managing logistics, and ensuring a smooth flow.
    • Photographers: Multiple photographers to efficiently capture individual and group shots simultaneously.
    • Assistants: Supporting photographers and ensuring the group's comfort and needs are met.
    • Flying Dress Technicians: Dedicated technicians for each participant, ensuring flawless execution.
  • Dress Donning Stations:
    • Multiple dress donning stations to streamline the process for quick outfit changes.
    • Dress Stylists assisting participants in wearing and managing the flying dresses.
  • Entertainment:
    • Background music or live entertainment to create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.
    • Optional beach activities or games to keep the group engaged and entertained.
    Beach Setup:
  • A luxurious beach setup with lounge chairs, plush furniture, and floats for participants awaiting their turn.
  • Small hors d'oeuvres and snacks to keep the energy high.
  • Refreshing beverages to ensure participants stay comfortable throughout the shoot.


  • Additional Amenities:
    • Personalized keepsakes for each participant, such as customized beach towels or branded accessories.
    • Professional hair and makeup touch-up station for those who want to refresh their look.
    • On-site coordinators to assist participants with any queries or concerns.
  • Post-Event Debrief:
    • Feedback session with the group coordinator or agent to ensure their satisfaction and gather insights for future events.
  • Private Gallery Access:
    • Creation of individual and group galleries for participants to view and download their photos.
    • Editing and Delivery:
      • Efficient editing of a large volume of photos, ensuring a timely delivery of the final images.
  • 6 Edited Photos Per Person
    • Receive 10 professionally edited photos, meticulously crafted for optimal lighting, color correction, and sharpness. The emphasis is on capturing your natural beauty and the magic of the moment.
  • 4 Edited Group Images
    • Expand your collection with extra images available for purchase at $20 per image.
  • It's all about feeling your best.  Be sure to bring the following:
  • Be sure to wear a strapless bra or NONE because we always make sure you're boobilicious!
  • It's best to wear nude underwear or a really cute bikini bottom matching the colour or your dress.
  • Comfy walking shoes; after all, we want you to enjoy every step on the blue runway as we explore. Bring along your favorite shoes for the photos should you wish to add more pizazz.
  • Bring a towel should you wish to take in water images.
  • A makeup brush or sponge - Let's keep the glam alive

Starting at -  $399 per person (US Dollar)

Taxes Not Included

A security 50% security deposit is required at the time of booking all experiences and will be refunded upon satisfactory inspection of the dress.



  • Additional Photos: $20 per image
  • Video 60 Secs: $200


  • Floral Bouquet Priced on request
  • Rose Petals  Priced on request


  • Additional dress rental: $100
  • Additional hour: $175
  • Inclusion of additional person: $125


  • Satin Floral Crown: $15
  • Fresh Floral Crown: $25
  • Tiara: $12


  • Bottom Self: $40
  • Top Shelf: $125 and up


  • Makeup artist: Starting from $115
  • Hair stylist: Starting from $125


  • Transportation Rates may vary based on the location and availability.
  • Please note our transport prices include pick-up,  shoot duration (car waits for you) and drop off. 


  • Other props can be arranged upon request
  • Helium Balloons: $30 per dozen
  • Colored Smoke: $20
  • Using Format