Blue Runway Bahamas
Flying Dress Bahamas
Blue Runway Flying Dress Bahamas
Flying Dress Bahamas
Bahamas Flying Dress Photo-shoot Excursions Tour

Flying Dress Photography | Bahamas

Blue Runway Flying Dress Experience is a one of a kind *exquisite* dress experience based in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. The experience was created to allow the client to walk in their regal bearing whilst in the islands. Choose from one of our many dress style and colour options and leave with memorable photos of yourself in paradise. Blue Runway is the enchanting experience that will stay with you long after you’ve left. Enjoy the beauty of the islands with a magical photo taking experience with the breathtaking scenes as your backdrop.

Blue Runway Flying Dress Experience takes away all the stress of planning a photoshoot, our team gives you access to dresses with sizing up to 4X in a myriad of styles and colours you’d think were pulled directly from the rainbow, options of venues, an experienced photographer and an assistant with a two-fold role of dressing the client and providing direction through the shoot. Dress rentals will also be available.

Blue Runway highlights iconic locations throughout the islands beginning in New Providence and Grand Bahama. Sessions on other Islands may also be arranged.

Plan your Bahamas Photography Shore Excursion Tour with us today. Click Here.

We may provide transportation from any location, including your cruise ship or hotel.


A security deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking all experiences and will be refunded upon satisfactory inspection of the dress.


Additional dress rental: $100
Additional hour: $175
Inclusion of additional person: $125
Helium Balloons – $30 per dozen
Colored Smoke – $20


Satin Floral Crown- $15
Fresh Floral Crown – $25
Tiara – $12


First Dress- $150 and $100 for second dress
Dress Technician- $75
Security Deposit – $100 per dress


Low Range – $40
High End – $125 and up

Floral Bouquet – Priced on request
Video clip: 1 min $200
Makeup artist: Starting from $115
Hair stylist: Starting from $125
Transportation: Rates furnished upon request
Other props can be arranged upon request


First Dress $90 and second dress $70
Dress Technician – $75
Security Deposit – $50

Blue Runway Dresses

Bahamas Flying Dress Photo-shoot Excursions Tour
Flying Dress Bahamas
Flying Dress Bahamas
Bahamas Flying Dress Photo-shoot Excursions Tour
Bahamas Flying Dress Photo-shoot Excursions Tour
Flying Dress Bahamas
Bahamas Flying Dress Photo-shoot Excursions Tour

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The booking process for this experience is considered complete upon confirmation of the date requested along with full payment by the client. Payment may be made through direct deposit or paypal If cancellations are made within five (days) of the shoot date, a full refund will be given. For cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the shoot day, a refund less 25% of the booking fee will be made. A credit of the deposit will be granted to be used for a different date within six (6) months of the initial date. The dress will be provided to the client ready for use, meaning it will be cleaned and ironed. In the event that the dress suffers any breakage or rupture, is stained with oil paint or any similar substance that cannot be removed, the security deposit WILL NOT be reimbursed. If the dress is stained with food or substances that require special laundry services for removal, i.e grease, cake, wine, water-based paint, etc, 50% of the security deposit will be retained.